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Thursday, November 17, 2016
Supreme Governor to Visit Lodge in January
Official Press Release - Moose International:

T or C Lodge 2050 has been selected to host Franz R "Fritz" Griswold, supreme Governor of the Loyal Order of Moose, at an enrollment of new members in his honor scheduled for Thursday, January 5 at 6:00 pm. Brother Griswold rose to become the Moose Fraternity's Chief Presiding Officer on July 5, 2016; elected earlier in the week by a vote of Supreme Lodge delegates to a one year term at the Fraternity's 128th International Convention in St. Louis, Missouri. Fritz had served as Supreme Junior Governor since July 2015, elected to that at the 127th International Convention in Nashville, TN. He previously served as Supreme Prelate during 2014-2015.

Fritz has served on the Supreme council, the Fraternity's corporate Board of Officers, since 2007. Prior to that, he served on the Mooseheart Board of Directors from 2004-2007 and the Moose Charities Board of Directors and its predecessor group, the Endowment Fund Board, from 1991-2004.

Fritz joined Dansville, NY Lodge 1130 in 1978; he holds Life Membership there. he held numerous chairs there and also served as Lodge Administrator for 22 years. He was elevated to Genesee Valley, NY Moose Legion 61, where he also holds a Life Membership.

Fritz is very active at the New York State Moose Association level, having served as Deputy Supreme Governor, Moosheart/Moosehaven Marketing Representative, and as a trainer for Lodge Officers/committeemen.

Fritz is a member of the 350 Division of the Moose 25 club and received the Fellowship Degree of Honor in 1983 and the Pilgrim Degree of Merit in 1991.

Aside from the Moose, Fritz enjoys golf and was a former Council President of the Boy Scouts of America. He and his wife Beth reside in Dansville, NY. they have three children and 11 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

(Schedule Change) - In lieu of an enrollment that evening, pending applicants will be invited to join us and meet the Supreme Governor. We will conduct our enrollment as per our regular schedule during the membership meeting on Thursday, January 12.

We will begin our presentations at 5:00 pm - we will be presenting Tommy Moose dolls to the T or C Police Department and Sierra County Sheriff's Department; we will also have speakers from various organizations and will be presented with a banner from the T or C Elementary 2nd Grade class for our annual donation that pays for their trip to Messilla Valley Maze. Miss Audrey and our kids will be doing a musical presentation and we will all sing Happy Birthday to Beth Griswold who will be celebrating her birthday that day.

We will serve our famous hamburger steak dinner with baked potato bar, vegetable, salad and birthday cake right after the presentations are completed. This will all be free to members and their immediate family who attend the ceremony. So come on out and meet Supreme Governor Franz "Fritz" Griswold and his wife Beth on Thursday, January 5.

This is a semi-formal affair, please dress appropriately - slacks or dress jeans, button front or polo shirt, suit, or sports jacket. LOOM Higher Degree members should wear appropriate regalia. In lieu of a blazer, Moose Legion vests are acceptable, preferably with proper attire - black shoes, black pants, and white shirt.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
Go to MooseRewards.org to redeem your points!

Administrator's Message
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By Daryl Conley, Administrator -

As you will read in this edition, we will be raising a few of our drink prices. This was not an easy decision and was discussed thoroughly amongst the members of the House Committee, but after looking at the last two years income vs expenses, it became an inevitable decision. From Dec 1, 2014 to Nov 30, 2015, we showed a revenue loss of over $19,000.00. From Dec 1, 2015 to Nov 30, 2016 that loss increased to over $29,000.00. Obviously, we cannot continue to operate this way. We need to cut back on expenses wherever possible, and increase our revenue, which unfortunately means raising prices.

On the plus side, we will only be raising our lowest priced liquors and our pitchers of beer. Other drinks and beer will remain the same price.

We are also getting a Point of Sale system which will keep a more accurate record of inventory and provide reports of what is being used vs sold, and will insure accurate and uniform pricing for all products. The new prices will be pre-programmed into the POS system which should be installed by mid-December.

As one who has traveled to every Moose Lodge in the state of New Mexico, several in Arizona, and several in other states, I can assure you that our prices are lower than any other lodge in New Mexico and most others I have visited in other states. These new prices will still keep us at or below other Moose Lodges, and other clubs in our area.

I want to thank all our terrific volunteers who helped with the Thanksgiving baskets this year. This includes those that helped deliver the pallets of food, unload, assemble, and distribute and deliver the baskets. As you probably guessed, many of them had a hand in all aspects; and many of them were returning volunteers from years past. Thanks to their help, we were able to hand out 204 baskets of food to the needy this year.

This marks the 20th year that we have given out the baskets. The first year we handed out 17; that number soon grew to 50 or more, and we delivered each and every one. Once we started getting near 75 baskets, it was apparent that we did not have the manpower to deliver them all so we started giving them out at the lodge. By the early 2000s, that number topped 100, then 125, then 150, and now this year's 204. We delivered about 25 to those who could not get to the lodge. I would also like to thank Bullock's for the groceries, and Dollar General for ordering 160 laundry baskets for us to use for the larger, family-sized baskets. We also had help from two wonderful HSHS Junior ROTC students whom we could barely keep up with.

Holiday season is a time to remember what we are here for - Mooseheart and Moosehaven. This would be the perfect time - while you are filling out cards and sending money to loved ones far away - to send a donation to Moose Charities. There are several ways you can do this, the Endowment Fund, Donor Circle, M&M Club, Mooseheart Boosters, etc. For more on these programs, go to www.mooseintl.org and click on Moose Charities. Let's all send a little gift to our children and seniors. And remember, Moose Charities is a 501(c)3 organization, so your donations are tax deductible.

Let's all spread the love and joy amongst ourselves and celebrate this joyous time of year. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season.

I will leave the rest of this article as is for our new members and as a reminder to all...

If you know someone who has not paid their dues or is thinking of not paying; go visit them or call them up. Statistics show that the best persuasive advice is a face to face visit, the second most effective method is a phone call, especially from a friend or acquaintance whom they feel comfortable talking to. I also invite any member to come see me and I will print you a list of expired members or those about to expire and you can call or visit each one of them. We have got to focus on retaining our current members or we will continue to see our membership drop year after year. Let's all get busy - I know we can do it!!

Two years ago, we went "Back to Basics," and re-established the reasons for being a Moose member, supporting our children and our seniors. Last year we "Built our Foundation," attempting to strengthen our order and providing a good foundation from new and current members to build on. This year the campaign is "Raise the Roof." Moose International's goal is to raise the roof on membership, and provide more benefits that will appeal to all member types, both current and new. What happened to the 'walls' you might ask. WE, the members, are the walls that provide stability between the foundation and the roof. When one of us leaves the Order, another piece of the wall falls to the wayside and the walls become weaker. BE THAT WALL and continue to support our Order and your lodge by remaining a true and loyal member.


Don't forget to keep track of your Members Rewards Points, You can earn points by sponsoring new or former members, then earn additional points when their sponsored member renews their dues after their first year. We can earm points by attending training sessions and conventions, being elected into office, joining the Moose Legion and/or earning higher degrees of the order, and the list goes on. Once earned, these points can be redeemed for gift cards, credit at the Moose Store, payment of dues, or cash. Hopefully, this new program will provide incentive for our current members to go out and sign up new or former members while earning credits for themselves. To check on your points, go to www.mooseintl.org and click on My Member Benefits. Here you will find all your membership statistics, including number of members sponsored, last time you attended and officer's training, date you were enrolled, your original sponsor, etc. If you have never logged in before, follow the instructions and enter your Moose ID number as your log-in name then create your own personal password. Pamphlets are available that show how you can redeem you points or you can find the information on the Moose International website.

MI has also introduced several new ways and new programs where you can donate to Moose Charities. Remember that any donation to Moose Charities is tax-deductible. Check out the Documents section of this newsletter for downloadable applications and information.

If you need to pay your dues, you can pay them at the lodge. If I am in my office, I will be glad to pay them on-line for you, either with cash, check or your own personal credit card. If you don't catch me at the lodge, simply pay the Social Quarters Attendant on duty (cash or check) - they will give you a receipt and I will pay it on-line as soon as I get back. I am normally in my office from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, except for lunch which I usually take from around 1:00pm - 2:00 pm.

Remember, once you have given than prospective member an application, your job is not over. You should try to get them to attend an enrollment. After they are enrolled, you should call them periodically and invite them to join you at the lodge for dinner or drinks, and while you are here, introduce them to the officers and to other members so that they feel welcomed and not left out. Hopefully, this feeling of belonging will also prevent them from dropping out in the years that follow.

Have a great month!

Daryl Conley - Administrator
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