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Thursday, July 3, 2014
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July 3 - Official word came from Moose International today that cross-sponsored membership applications will begin to be processed as of August 1. Men (LOOM) members can now sponsor women into the Chapter, and women (WOTM) members can sponsor men into the lodge. This also means that ALL guests over the age of 21 will be prospective members and therefore limited to two visits. After that, they must become members.

Moose International will accept applications dated prior to August 1, but they will not be processed until the change takes place.
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Administrator's Message
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By Daryl Conley, Administrator -

A great time was had by all at the AZ/NM Convention held in Scottsdale, AZ on August 28-31. We had six men and six women representing our lodge, which is great; we were once among th top five lodges represented. This year's convention was even more fun than others - we had an impromptu karaoke night on Friday evening that had everyone laughing. The hotel was very accomodating, and provied free breakfasts and free cocktail hours.

We also learned a lot. Our Association and Women of the Moose each placed 3rd fraternity-wide last year. While that's not bad, we can and have done better. As for the men, our biggest default was in lack of Moose Legionnaires. With qualifications being so easy - just be a Moose member for six months and/OR sponsor just one new member - it should be easy for us to find bring our numers up - we just have to ask those qualified members to join. There is an article in this newsletter about a special program our Moose Legion Unit is doing, check it out. We are also offering $10.00 off the application fee for all new or former members ALL YEAR LONG.

We all left the convention with a renewed energy to make our Association NUMBER ONE this year, and you can help us with the membership part of it. ON the plus side, all lodges in both Arizona and New Mexico have submitted their Moose of the Year and their first Heart of the Community reports on time, so we are on our way to being number one!

I am going to leave the remainder of this article as it was last month, as I feel there is some very important information and reminders here...

Sponsors, once the application is filled out, your job is far from over. You should try to get them to attend an enrollment. After they are enrolled, you should call them periodically and invite them to join you at the lodge for dinner or drinks, and while you are here, introduce them to the officers and to other members so that they feel welcomed and not left out. Hopefully, this feeling of belonging will also prevent them from dropping out in the years that follow.

August 1 marks the beginning of cross-sponsorship, whereby men can sponsor women into the chapter, and women can sponsor men into the lodge. This means that if you are bringing your boyfriend/girlfriend in as a guest, and they are over 21, they will be limited to a two-time visit, their third visit must be to attend an enrollment. This also applies to sons/daughters over the age of 21, no matter which parent brings them in. Legally married spouses are exempt from this rule.

People have their right to their own opinion, but I believe it will do two positive things: make it easier for our Social Quarters Attendants, because now any guest over 21 can only come in twice; and it will get more poeple to join. After all, why should a guest get all the benefits of membership without having to pay dues like the rest of us? Besides, becoming members will entitle them to other benefits such as motel and hotel discounts, car rental discounts, insurance discounts, and shopping discounts, just to name a few.

As always, we can make exceptions for visiting friends or family members who are only here for a short time, such as the holidays. Please check with the House Committee regarding temporary visits.

New members will be receiving some additional information starting this year. Their new card will come with a phone number for them to call to activate the card. While doing so, they will hear a brief message highlighting the accomplishments of Mooseheart and Moosehaven. A new 30-minute long Orientation video is also available. It relates the history of the Moose, Women of the Moose, Moose Legion, Mooseheart and Moosehaven, and contains interviews with our children nd seniors. Erik Estrada of CHiPs and Safe Surfin' fame stars and narrates the video.

We are currently the third largest lodge in Arizona/New Mexico. Second place belongs to Glendale, AZ with 856 active members. I would like to see us take over that spot, and we are less than 60 members away. I think we can do it, don't you?

Remember, if you need to pay your dues, you can pay them at the lodge. If I am in my office, I will be glad to pay them on-line for you, either with cash, check or your own personal credit card. If you don't catch me at the lodge, simply pay the Social Quarters Attendant on duty (cash or check) - they will give you a receipt and I will pay it on-line as soon as I get back. I am normally in my office from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, except for lunch which I usually take from around 1:00pm - 2:00 pm.

Moose International has added some features to the My Membership Record portion of the site. Now, you can review your history as an officer in the Moose or Moose Legion, as well as training dates, which became mandatory for all officers a few years ago. As always, you can also check your dues renewal date, dates you joined the Moose or Moose Legion, received degrees, and your sponsorship history. To access our own membership records, go to the Moose International website and click on My Membersip Record. You will need to create a username, which is your Moose ID number, and a password of your own choosing. Check it out!

Have a great month!

Daryl Conley - Administrator
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