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Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Election of Lodge Officers April 9
Election of Lodge officers for the 2015 - 2016 lodge year will be held during the regular business meeting at the lodge on Thursday, April 9.

Running for office are: Governor - Pete Padilla (2nd term); Junior Governor - Rick Ruggles; Prelate - Frank Koch; 3 - Year Trustee - Ed Pruett; and Treasurer - Rick Mullins. Since there is only one nominee for each office, we will not need to fill out ballots, but please come vote and show your support for our new officers who will take over their duties on May 1.
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Administrator's Message
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By Daryl Conley, Administrator -

I waited until after April 1 to finish this newsletter because I wanted to see what the new membership numbers would be. Yup, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

I was pretty excited when we hit a new high of 753 in March. Then, the bad news, on April 1 that number dropped back down to 708. That means we lost a bunch of members who did not renew on March 31. Despite our best efforts, sending letters, making phone calls, etc. we still lost over 50 members on March 31. I am not sure why, or what we need to do to get them back, but we have a lot of work ahead of us to reach our goal of 752 by the end of this month.

Check out the photos section of this newsletter - we held our annual Easter Egg Hunt for our members' families on March 28. Just seeing the joy on the faces of those kids should be enough to make someone want to renew their dues!

DID YOU KNOW - unlike the stories we hear about some organization who use the majority of your donation to PAY the people who run the organization, your lodge dues go directly to support Mooseheart and Moosehaven. From your $40.00 annual dues, $34.00 of that is sent to Moose International for the operation of our two campuses. The other $6.00 is retained by the lodge. This is the money we use to hold family activities for our members. That is why every member is so important, whether they come into the lodge or not, they are supporting Mooseheart and Moosehaven, and lodge family activities JUST BY PAYING THEIR DUES. Not only that, they lose all the personal benefits - insurance, hotel/motel discounts, car rental discounts, pharmacy discounts, the list goes on and on. They will lose all of this by not paying their dues.

Also, if we do not meet our goal of 752 members on April 30, we will automatically be disqualified from receiving the Premier Lodge Award. This will be the first time we have not gotten this award since 2010, and only twice that we have not gotten it in the last decade or more.

If you have not paid your dues - it is not too late!! You can still renew without losing any time up to six months after your dues expire. After that, you have the option of renewing your dues which means they will still expire at the same time as before, or re-join as a former member and re-pay the $10.00 application fee. Your dues renewal date would then be one year from the month you renew.

Remember, if you need to pay your dues, you can pay them at the lodge. If I am in my office, I will be glad to pay them on-line for you, either with cash, check or your own personal credit card. If you don't catch me at the lodge, simply pay the Social Quarters Attendant on duty (cash or check) - they will give you a receipt and I will pay it on-line as soon as I get back. I am normally in my office from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, except for lunch which I usually take from around 1:00pm - 2:00 pm.

If you know someone who has not paid their dues, please call them, go visit them, whatever it takes to convince the to stay on as a member. We need them, Mooseheart and Moosehaven needs them, and we need you to help us get them back. And keep sponsoring new members into our lodge as well!

Remind them of all the benefits of being a Moose member - if you need a brochure (or more than one) we have plenty at the lodge. Members can save money on auto, home, and health insurance; eye surgery; hotels and motels; shopping; catalog subscriptions; and lots of other things as well JUST BY BEING A MEMBER. And don't forget to always carry a Moose Member application in your pocket (and a Moose Legion application if you are a Moose Legionnaire) - you never know when an opportunity will arise to sponsor a new member also. If you can't come to the lodge or don't want to wait until your next visit, these are also available on the Moose International website at www.mooseintl.org.

Another issue that prevents people from joining or keeps them from renewing is second-hand smoke. Over the years we have addressed this issue numerous times by installing more smoke eaters, adding a fresh-air ventilation system and repairing non-functioning systems. We also began a no-smoking policy years ago in the dining hall during meals, and have recently added a no smoking section to our Social Quarters, near the entrance to provide adequate ventilation. While we have received both positive and negative response to this, we feel it is our duty to provide a comfortable environment for all members, non-smokers and smokers alike. So please, if you've quit us or plan on quitting us, give us a second chance and continue to help us support our community, our children at Mooseheart, and seniors at Moosehaven.

I am going to leave the remainder of this article as it was last month, as I feel there is some very important information and reminders here...

Sponsors, once the application is filled out, your job is far from over. You should try to get them to attend an enrollment. After they are enrolled, you should call them periodically and invite them to join you at the lodge for dinner or drinks, and while you are here, introduce them to the officers and to other members so that they feel welcomed and not left out. Hopefully, this feeling of belonging will also prevent them from dropping out in the years that follow.

Moose International has added some features to the My Membership Record portion of the site. Now, you can review your history as an officer in the Moose or Moose Legion, as well as training dates, which became mandatory for all officers a few years ago. As always, you can also check your dues renewal date, dates you joined the Moose or Moose Legion, received degrees, and your sponsorship history. To access our own membership records, go to the Moose International website and click on My Membersip Record. You will need to create a username, which is your Moose ID number, and a password of your own choosing. Check it out!

Have a great month!

Daryl Conley - Administrator
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