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Tuesday, March 11, 2014
T or C Has Second Largest Attendance at Mid-Year Conference
Our lodge should be proud of the fact that we had the second largest overall attendance of men at the mid-year conference held in Albuquerque March 7 - 9. Our average attendance for the five sessions held throughout the weekend was 9; the local Albuquerque Lodge #1517 had an average of 11, which was the largest overall attendance of the 34 lodges in our AZ/NM Moose Association. Overall attendance was just over 100 LOOM members during the weekend.

Proposed changes to the by-laws: Although not as severe as the proposed changes that were voted down in 2012, some International By-laws change proposals have made it back to the bargaining table for consideration and vote at the 2014 Moose International Convention in Las Vegas. These were discussed at the mid-year conference; here is a brief summary of the proposals and the opinion of the those present.

1. Reduce the number of required officers from 9 to 7 by reducing the number of trustees from three to just one. It was pointed out that wording did not include whether this would be mandatory for all lodges or optional. Jr Past Supreme Governor Jim Henderson explained that lodges that wished to continue to have nine officers would be allowed to do so - the change requires a MINIMUM of seven officers. That being said, opinion was favorable, as this will help smaller lodges who have difficulty filling all nine poistions.
2. Allow nominees for office to submit their names right up to the time that the nominations are announced on the floor. This received a negative opinion, as it effectively eliminates the Nominating Committee by allowing nominees to submit their name without being reviewed by the Committee.
3. Allowing cross-sponsoring; allowing men to sponsor women into the WOTM, and women to sponsor men into the LOOM. WOTM and LOOM candidates would still be enrolled into their respective lodge or chapter unit, only the sponsors' information would be different. A provision of this change proposal would still allow the SPOUSE of a WOTM or LOOM member to come in as a guest with their member-spouse. This would do a couple of things - make it easier for new candidates such as wives, girlfriends, etc. to join by allowing their opposite sex partner to sponsor them; and it would eliminate the third type of guest "the lady friend of a LOOM member, or the gentleman friend of a WOTM member," as all guests that are not spouses or family would now be prospective members (unless they are under 21 years of age) and limited to a two-time visit as a guest, thereby creating less confusion and ways to "cheat" the rules. If the male member's lodge does not have a chapter, then the ladyfriend would have to join another chapter at another lodge in order to become a member and be allowed into their home lodge. After some discussion and questions, this received a favorable opinion.
4. Another change to membership requirements would allow members who are in expired status to renew after 6 months. They would receive a new expiration date, but would lose all prior time. Cuurently, a member is kept "in arrears" for 12 months and only has the option of paying his or her dues and then renewing them again a few months later. This proposal would give the member the option of paying his dues and keeping his prior time as part of his record, or renewing at his lodge - or another lodge - if it has been over six months since his current expiration date. This received a favorable opinion as well.

There were several other changes that were mostly wording changes and eliminating some old rules that no longer applied. Copies of the proposals were sent to all Moose Associations for reiveiw and feedback. A finalized version will be presented and voted on at the International Convention in Las Vegas in June 2014. A copy of the proposals is also available on the Moose International website, it is easiest to find by entering "2014 by-laws change proposals" in the Search box.
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Administrator's Message
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By Daryl Conley, Administrator -

What an exicting year it has been for membership!! We started the year with 665, and are sitting at 726 right now (March 28); that's a gain of 57 so far this year!! We still have around 45 members whose dues will expire March 31, but if even if none renewed, we would be ahead of where we started. Hopefully, that won't be the case, all our members are important to our lodge and Order, and we hope they will renew. We also have ten applications for new and former members to be approved next month, and will no doubt receive more by the end of the month. I would be very proud see us finish with over 700 active members; 725 would be even better!!

Business in the Social Quarters has been good also, which helps us not only pay bills, but provide you with better product (more variety) and better service. Our Social Quarters Attendants work very hard and very diligently, often-times working ten or twelve hour shifts to make sure everyone gets served. We have hired an additional Social Quarters Attendant, named Alissa, who will be coming in as needed, especially on our busier nights. Let's welcome her with good ol' Moose hospitality.

Remember, if you need to pay your dues, you can pay them at the lodge. If I am in my office, I will be glad to pay them on-line for you, either with cash or your own personal credit card. If you don't catch me at the lodge, simply pay the Social Quarters Attendant on duty (cash or check) - they will give you a receipt and I will pay it on-line as soon as I get back. I am normally in my office from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, except for lunch which I usually take from around 1:00pm - 2:00 pm.

ONLY ONE MONTH LEFT FOR $0 APPLICATION FEES AND FREE DUES!! Have you sponsored one member, but need one more to get your dues paid? There's only the month of April left, to "git r done." Also, The year-long $0.00 application fee will end on April 30. So if you've been putting it off, now is the time to sponsor another member (or two) and get your next year's dues paid by Moose International - and save your sponsor $20.00 in the process.

FINAL DASH CAMPAIGN - NOW THROUGH APRIL 30. Moose International has begun a short-term membership campaign that will run from February 1 - April 30 whereby any sposnor of a new or former member has a chance to win up to $500.00 cash. Here's how it works: 1. sponsor a member; 2. go to the Moose International website at www.mooseintl.org; 3. click on the Members Only portal; 4. click on the Final Dash logo. All sponsor's names will be entered into this drawing, and one name wll be selected and posted every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, after 9 a.m. CST for LOOM and WOTM, and every Wednesday for sponsors of Moose Legion candidates. Names will also include the last four digits of their Moose ID for veification. If you see your name, you have 24 hours to call the number listed and claim your prize. Prizes are $100.00 cash, but will rollover if unclaimed, up to a maximum of $500.00. Then, at the conclusion of the program, all unclaimed prize money will be added together for a Last Chance Drawing. All sponsors will be entered into this final drawing. You do not need a special username or password to access the site.

Moose International has added some features to the My Membership Record portion of the site. Now, you can review your history as an officer in the Moose or Moose Legion, as well as training dates, which became mandatory for all officers a few years ago. As always, you can also check your dues renewal date, dates you joined the Moose or Moose Legion, received degrees, and your sponsorship history. To access our own membership records, go to the Moose International website and click on My Membersip Record. You will need to create a username, which is your Moose ID number, and a password of your own choosing. Check it out!

Have a great month!

Sponsor 2 - have you sponsored two members yet this year? You still have until April 30 to sponsor two new or former members into the lodge (any lodge) and get your next year's due paid! Our list gets longer each month, but yet is a miniscule percentage of our lodge membership. What better deal can you get - convince two people to join and get your won dues paid - plus they get to enjoy all the fun activities and benefit of being a lodge member. If you don't know what the benefits are, or are having a hard time explaining the details to a prospective member, there are plenty of materials available at the lodge or at the Moose International website www.mooseintl.org.

Don't Forget -- Moose International has waived application fees for ALL new and former members FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR - through April 30, 2014. All you need to collect from a new or former member is: $30.00 for the WOTM or $40.00 for the LOOM. AND - they have also reduced the first-year dues for new (new only) Moose Legionnaires to just $10.00 - and also NO APPLICATION FEE (for new and former members), so there's no better time than now to sign up two and get your dues paid for one year!!

Daryl Conley - Administrator
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